Excel resources for 77-602

General Advice

From my recent experience with another exam certification process I recommend:

  • Learn the software thoroughly
  • Poke around in the features you don’t use much
  • Learn the names of menu options and icons and the sequences to get to key tools
  • Don’t overlook the big picture – when and why  to use a particular tool or function
  • Use the exam objectives to identify your weak areas
  • Do as much hands on as you can to reinforce learning from courses and reading


Overview link at Microsoft

Exam 77-602 – note there is an Expert exam under development

Microsoft Excel Resources

Microsoft Excel 2010 blog

Also look for podcasts and blogs and youtube channels

Practice Questions

I have a great deal of difficulty recommending practice questions, from the advertising a lot of them appear to be reselling the same questions. The best bet is to get all the download samples set and compare.

Frustrating as good practice questions can help:

  • New test takers familiarise themselves with the process
  • Identify your weak areas for further study

but they can also lead to overconfidence, if you learn the questions not the topics.