I’m from your ISP’s support department…

The I’m from your ISP’s support department phone call

Look folks, you know its a scam, I know its a scam. And I am just venting pointlessly, because,  only inter governmental police liaison will stop them.

It is rampant, I have had three call me in the last ten days.

Arrgh! – and now for some Hagar the Horrible style swearing @#$%^&!!!.

They will fudge the name of the organisation they represent, a bit like in Australia a few years back they would call from “Telecom” after Telstra had rebranded.

There is an element of social engineering in this threat as they start with innocent appearing questions and build up to private information as they get your trust.

Some discussion on the topic:

(and a general recommendation of Whirlpool as a useful if cynical resource)

Government references:

a few more non government mentions:

Now if I can stop telemarketers in general who won’t take no for an answer.