Web Platform Installer

The Web PI allows you to install a range of Microsoft and Open Source technologies, frameworks and applications on a Windows PC running Internet Information Services (IIS)

This saves a lot of time. You can install PHP, MySql and other tools from their respective open source sites, but it is much easier this way.

I’ve done it the long way, you learn a lot, but this will get you up and running quickly and neatly. I know you can very easily add the featured tools eg Joomla, Drupal, Moodle and so on easily at most low cost hosting services. It is, however, useful to set them up on your own PC for study, experimentation and development and testing.

It is surprising and interesting to see Microsoft making such a strong step to facilitate Open Source tools within the Windows environment.

Below there is a pair of movies which briefly run through what the Web Platform installer is and how to install and use it. (added 21 Nov 2010) Movies also available via my YouTube Channel.

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Movies also available via my YouTube Channel. Or use the little expand button found bottom right on the movies here for full screen viewing

Part 1:

Part 2