Enquiry or Inquiry form?

This question comes up routinely on Dreamweaver courses. Thanks to my much thumbed copy of Partridge’s  Usage and Abusage (Penguin Reference Books) I can report that:

  • enquire, enquiry – a simple request for information
  • inquiry – a formal investigation
  • aggravate – to intensify, not to annoy
  • agenda – single part of an agenda is an item (although on Yes Minister, Bernard says Agendum)
  • prepositions at end of sentences  – they are OK
  • its = of it
  • it’s = it is

There is also about four pages on vagaries of the genitive. For you and me – its about where to put the apostrophe in the dog’s collars, the dogs’ collars and Julius’ collars. Usage and Abusage even has some notes about how to do “about X pages”.

I checked “For you and me”  too.

Jargon gets five pages – you should also see  The Complete Plain Words (Reference Books) by  Sir Ernest Gowers

A useful resource for your bookshelf.

On Line Style Resource

I am going to go with the ABC Radio National Style  guide here

Just bring this back to the original point the RN guide agrees with Usage & Abusage on Enquiry vs Inquiry!

For Unreliable Style Advice

Fake AP Style Guide Twitter Feed