My You Tube Channel and Twitter Feed


My You Tube Channel

This is where you will find new tutorials posted as I answer questions and experiment with Captivate and Camtasia.

What I have learned so far is for tutorials which I will upload to You-Tube – make sure the recording area is in a 16:9 proportion, to use the full area available for YouTube.

I have also learned from experimenting that VMware Workstation is best if you want to record sound. Virtual PC and VirtualBox can handle playing sound.


My Twitter Feed

I am finding Twitter really interesting. I know it is mostly seen as a social  tool – but I am finding it a good way of getting information on developments and news by interesting people and companies.

Welcome Real People

I am also learning about followers, I have some that appear to be bots, and some who are real people. “Welcome” to the real people. I plan to generate useful content here. I hope you will find it of value, please feel free to ask questions.

And Welcome Bots

And to the Bots, Why, Why, Why? Why stuff up something useful with your clutter  trying to game the system somehow? And no, using pretty girls as your “avatar” or icon doesn’t work, not even with me. So Why?