Sunday Night Music #5 or Its sad the shape I’m in…

Continuing the tradition, of no technology in the last post on Sunday night.

It is odd how songs come to mind.

When I arrived on site recently, I was considering tweeting “Houston, the Eagle has landed” to signify my safe arrival with plenty of time in hand. For the rest of the day I found myself recalling the lyrics and tune of “Houston”. Which indicates my brain is wired in an odd way.

Houston by Dean Martin

It is a little bit blue for Dean Martin, but it fitted my week, especially the first version I have embedded below. Arrived on site to find different course ware to what I had planned for and later no network connections to the exercise files. All solvable in part thanks to the miracle of usb keys and my tendency to keep copies of everything on my usb keys. Finished the week with a mild case of the blues, so here we go.

The second version is Deano having fun with same song, interacting with the audience, watch especially for the harmonica bit – I think it is him playing the first time around.

Wish I could sing like this.
Well, I can, in the car, by myself.



Second version, lighter all round. And, Yes, this is in colour….