Adobe ACE exams in Brisbane


I decided on Friday to commit myself to some exam dates for the ACE Captivate 4 and the Acrobat Professional exams. So I go off to the Prometric-Vue web site to find dates a few weeks apart to schedule the exams. Now the good news is due to the strong Aussie dollar vs the US Dollar the exams are very affordable – much much cheaper than when I last did this cough, cough years ago.  But then I hit a snag.

I have to do the exams at a testing centre, usually attached to a training provider. One of the major training providers in Brisbane closed down a few weeks back and the the remaining centre for these exams is booked out until March 2011.  Rang Prometric to see if I could do better on the phone, they were helpful but they were seeing the same data I saw. I could do the test in Rockhampton or Sydney. It is actually cheaper to fly to Sydney and there is a city based testing centre that does tests on the weekend.

So I am off to Sydney before the end of the year to do the two exams – one per day.  Necessary but slightly expensive.

Study material

When I last did this some time ago, when dinosaurs walked the earth, there were a few providers of test questions, that you could use to test yourself to identify your weak areas and focus your study efforts. What I find now are many sites offer what appear to be the same “brain dumps” of dubious quality and uncertain ethical standards (after you do an exam you  are not supposed to dump on the web all you remember of the exam for fun or profit).

The most promising source of test questions appears to be UCertify – and reviews of their tests range for m good to mixed. I will report my own experience as I progress

Your feedback welcomed