PowerPoint 2007 Animation Issue

In the presentation below I  illustrate animation of text, Smart Art and Charts. I also briefly discuss a problem and a solution at the end of the presentation.

The Problem

Some users have raised and demonstrated to me  an issue where:

  1. When an animation, eg Fly In, By First level Paragraphs has been applied to the body text area  in the Slide Master – to give a build effect for text points across all slides
  2. and custom animation has been applied to graphs (Charts) and Smart Art
  3. then when presenting the slide show,  on slides with Smart Art or Charts extra clicks are needed to move on after the Chart or Smart Animation animation is complete.

A Solution

In the movie below – also at YouTube (in wide-screen – select up to 720p at YouTube) I show at the end  how to solve the problem on slides with Smart Art and Graphs and still retain the benefits of animated text globally through the Slide Master.

This tutorial developed in Camtasia.