What Makes a Successful Course Part 2

Still thinking about this, particularly for custom and on site courses,  as I try to develop a systematic process for a consistant standard of output  for my business  where every end product  is different.

To add to my earlier post on this topic, here are a few more factors that make a course work.


Getting a set of topics into a sequence where there is a logical flow, where skills learned in earlier tasks are used in later ones or where adjacent topics provide alternative approaches to a task or problem.


Relating topics to tasks and problems in people’s work  – Very deflating when you offer to show a group your favourite, gee whiz, never fail, always useful, time saving feature and the response is “Nope, we won’t  use that here …..”

Depth of Knowledge and Experience delivering the topic

This gives the trainer some fore knowledge of technical/environmental and configuration  issues that will disrupt an exercise. and what remedy to perform. Nothing undermines the learning process more that an exercise that goes wrong.

Eventually, I am going to pull this together into one cohesive document. As you can probably tell, I am still getting my thoughts together.