My 2017/2018 Plan


Faced with a rapidly changing environment, I have made a plan. Boiled down to its essentials this is it: “Identify areas to focus on and focus like crazy.”

The results of the first take are below…

Working on a personal plan to go with this

Office 365

I have identified the following areas to build on for extending my Office 365 scope. My general theme is still end user oriented, no code solutions :

  • Power Apps and Flow
  • Power BI
  • IRM (Information Rights Management) and related features DLP, AIP
  • Staff Hub

Business and Skill development

  • Finish my online e-learning course i am “attending”- very useful – 50% of the way through
  • Reviving my sadly neglected YouTube channel
  • conducting short live, one topic events online

Things to Maintain and keep up to date

  • Office 2016 especially Excel and OneNote
  • Office 365 general skills

comments and suggestions welcome