SharePoint End User Training Materials Part 1

Part 1 Finding whats out there…

Quick Reference Guides

see previous posts on this topic here, here and here


These books aren’t courseware, but can be a useful substitutes, especially for small groups

End User

Microsoft SharePoint  Plain & Simple 2010 Edition, 2013 Edition (picture book style, suitable for end users)

Site Owner

SharePoint 2010 User’s Guide and ditto for 2013 . I’d recommend every site owner get one of these, they are available in dead tree or as an e-book. The strength of this series is that they document the steps for most tasks you will need to do in SharePoint as a Site Owner.


Not reviewed at this stage. Just identifying sources here. The good news is there is a slowly growing range of sources.

Used by me in courses:

  1. Courseware Marketplace  Various authors, Available to Microsoft Partners
  2. Myriad, Available for Site Members and Owners, 2007, 2010, 2013
  3. Watsonia – very limited range

Not yet used: