MOOC and the changing nature of end user IT Training

This TED Talk  is by Anant Agarwal on  MOOCs (massive open online courses) and their impact on conventional education. I think we should take 15 minutes and listen to this talk with the future of end-user IT Training in mind.

One of the big features of end-user IT training at present is the decline in standardised scheduled classroom courses. Prepackaged online training videos are one of the tools that is replacing conventional courses. Its cheap, standardised and is of some use to the end-user. These cheaper options lack interactivity and are as a result not as effective. The replacement for the old scheduled course must include interactivity with the software, other students and the trainer.

Some training providers are moving to using Adobe Connect and Lync to provide online training. It is an important step, but only a first one. I think the future replacement of a conventional scheduled course is more along the lines of a MOOC.

Please watch this talk and comment.