Office 365 Backup Options Part 1

The basic Problem

Microsoft back up Office 365, but we’d all like our own backup, because we can sleep better that way….

My choice is different to what you might choose due to:

  • Cost – I need to find a service to suit a micro business and a micro business budget!
  • Existing services – eg I already have cloud and on site backup facilities
  • Scale of backup required – I am willing to accept more manual backup features than you, I have to consider backing up Email from Exchange – I may do this manually to allow me to choose a cheaper Office 365 back up service with fewer features.


  • I was not able to test these services as part of preparing this report (time constraints)
  • There are also other services and tools under development that were not available when this report was written.
  • This report intended to raise possibilities which you and your IT support can research further
  • If the cost was “contact us for a quote” then I didn’t due to time limitations.

Read these first

Possible Tools/Service Providers

MetaVis Office 365 Suite

Office 365 Export

DocAve Backup and Restore for Microsoft® SharePoint® Backup

Leap Backup

  • Free Trial
  • May Allow Scheduling
  • $US9.99 month
  • Backs up to Cloud and then can be manually downloaded
  • Appears to suit smaller users 
  • The sign up  requires my Office 365 login and password to be stored online by Leap. In response to a question, I asked Leap  advise that this is stored in an encrypted form. I am very, very reluctant to provide my password in this way. This is just my opinion. You’ll need to consider your own corporate views and policies on this point.

I have chosen one of the range above, a more detailed report in around a week.