Setting Adobe LiveCycle Designer to use Australian Spelling

I came across the solution at the article: Australian Spell Check in Adobe LiveCycle Designer at Mark Szulc’s Blog some time back. I had implemented the fix and then not having upgraded for a while had forgotten about the issue…

The basic problem is that there isn’t a dictionary for the spell check to use when the Australian locale is specified.

Using the UK locale gives the right dictionary but gives the pound sterling character for currency instead of the dollar sign.

However as I find myself doing more LiveCycle Designer training, the issue is coming up again.

Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES2 and earlier

  1. Read the Article
  2. Search for the file “SpellCheckLocaleMapping.xml” on your system (the path will differ from the article)
  3. when you find the file you may need admin rights to edit it
  4. As suggested in the article remove the comments and Save

The effect of the fix is to use the Canadian dictionary when the Australian locale is specified for a form.

I have tried this on an ES2 install recently and it works.

Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4

The fix from the article doesn’t appear to work for ES4. (Have also tried it without success myself)

However I can suggest a work around

  1. Make a blank new A4 portrait form (you can repeat for landscape)
  2.  File, Form Properties, Defaults, Set Locale to Canada, OK
  3. Save the form as a Live Cycle Designer format (*.tds) into a suitable folder
  4. Close the form
  5. Open, set files of type to Live Cycle Designer format (*.tds)
  6. From the resulting Dialog choose Copy this template into the Template Manager

When you need a new form: File, New, From a template, Other, then select your template

The Canadian locale  will give you close to Australian English spell check, the “$” and DD/MM/YYYY dates

If anyone finds a catch with this choice please let me know.