Where to start reading up on SharePoint Online Backup (a little on On Premise)


“I know Microsoft backs up SharePoint Online data, but how do I do it myself? – Just to be safe?”


I have found the resources and articles detailed below. I have to work through and evaluate these tools and approaches myself. So at this point I can’t recommend a particular tool, they are all listed to give you possibilities

Start Here: Restore options in SharePoint Online and On Premise SharePoint backup overview

Manual Processes like backing up: – How to back-up a Office 365 SharePoint Online site and data (side note – this is part of good Office 365/CRM Online Blog)

Apps and Applications to Export and Backup

Content Migrators

Not exactly backup tools, but useful for importing and in some cases exporting

Video Tutorials on SharePoint on Premise Backup

Visit this page on Dave Coleman’s SharePoint and Technology Blog and scroll down for video tutorials on backup