Nexus 7 and Office 365

Why did I buy a tablet?

My requirements/objectives were

  • I wanted a better ebook reader, to facilitate study (with ability to listen to audio books and podcasts)
  • I wanted something with a bigger screen than my phone for email and simple document preparation
  • I wanted something smaller than my laptop to suit “one bag travel” as I do more travel for work (laptop is old, heavy and soon to be replaced)
  • I wanted something with a bigger screen than my phone for basic access to Office 365
  • All the cool kids have tablets and I wanted one too!
  • On a tight budget

So I wanted  a light work and study tool

Why not buy an Ipad?

Ipads are very, very nice. No argument at all.


Every small business decision is a compromise, governed by Cash Flow, Budget and like factors. In plain language, the Ipad was about $AUD 170 dearer. And I needed that $170 elsewhere.

Windows 8 Tablet?

Too big, Too expensive at present. I will be getting Windows 8 and a Touch screen on my next laptop and will be staying with Windows phone when I update the phone. I like Windows 8, no, really I do.

I also wanted to try a device outside the Windows ecosystem.

Do you like it?

The display is amazing. Response times are good. No problems with performance. Set up is mostly easy.

I have been using the Safari Books online and Kindle Apps to get access to E-Books, and a pod-casting app, and accessing my exchange email which means I can meet three key objectives for this device.

I have some Office 365 access, more on that below. Part marks on meeting that objective.

I have access to

  • LinkedIn
  • WordPress
  • Google +
  • Audible
  • BeyondPod for Podcasts
  • TWIT TV in assorted forms
  • Skydrive (Personal non Office 365 version)
  • and OneNote

So I am pretty happy with how this is working

Will it work with Office 365?

Email via Exchange

Yes, perfectly

See the following links for Set up

Similarly I have access to my contacts via the People app.


Lync will work on an Android phone but not a tablet – needs phone call capabilities.


Will revisit this when the Office Web Apps for Android appear.

Office 365

From Chrome, I can log in and view but not edit documents, easy as far as it goes

From FireFox, I can work with lists, eg calendars and add, edit items. I can also read documents via Firefox.

So I can update my calendar and get access to documents, reading  but not editing them using the Office web apps

Word/Excel/Office Apps

As a work around I have been using Olive Office successfully to create and edit and emailing Word documents. I am about to try Cloud On as well.

Microsoft has advised the Office web apps for Android are under development or coming.

In Conclusion

A very, very  useful device, needs Microsoft to update Office Web Apps to be able to edit documents to be perfect.