Changing Models of Learning Delivery – Opening Post

Last Sunday, I found this talk by Sugata Mitra, one aspect of which is the nature of the current western school model and how children can learn.  Sugata raises an alternative model for educating children, especially in poor communities, but applicable anywhere. After the video I am going to segue this post into training adults in office IT skills, but to get you thinking please watch and learn from Sugata first.  Please also read his TED profile and visit the links to more information there.

I think there is a good community service project in the IT training industry supporting the Hole-in-the-wall project. I will return to that thought in a future post.

While I don’t expect us to be setting up hole in the all learning PCs in the work environment (adults aren’t as adventurous as children – but is there a place for resources the inquiring minds can dive into?) there are strong parallels between the traditional classroom for children and conventional scheduled IT courses for adults in the workforce.

Now I’d if you are a trainer, or training provider I’d like you:

  1. Watch the above talk
  2. Go and sit under a tree and have a think.

I am working on a draft of a post about my take on changes taking place in the training marketplace and the shift to custom/ad hoc/on site training.

More Soon.