What Resources are there for Trainers and others needing to get across Windows 8?

Windows 8 itself

Running Windows 8 on a PC or virtual machine will help and its not too hard to set up. I have been working through the book below over the last couple of days, and it is invaluable to be able to jump out into Windows to try a feature when you get to it in the book.


There is a growing range of Windows 8 books available, via Safari Books Online I have been using and recommend  Paul Thurrott and Rafael Riviera’s Windows 8 Secrets. (John Wiley & Sons)

Microsoft Resources

Windows 8 Jump Start

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Go to the Microsoft Virtual Academy sign up and search for the course “Exploring Windows 8” which comes with self tests so you can check your learning

Upcoming Event 1 March 2013:

What IT Pros Should Know About Windows 8 Enterprise from Windows Springboard Series (note this is 3 am Brisbane time)

Tools I’ve learned about

These are tools that I like which  I’ve found directly or indirectly from exploring Windows 8 features.

Food Apps – Chinese Recipe Cooking App

I am back on the diet/gym/walking routine again. Looking to eat better. Have been eating more salad than a rabbit, so I am looking for some alternatives. Most of the recipes are simply presented, easy to follow.

If you want more detail, don’t need video then try the Cookbook app by Slow Sense, there are lots of food apps.

Found in Windows Store

Windows Live Writer

Part of the Windows Essentials kit from Microsoft, Windows Live Writer provides a tool for writing blog posts (including this one) that is far superior to the standard  WordPress editor. Neat and Easy.

via Microsoft Web Site

Reader App

Simple PDF reader by Microsoft via the Store, neat and easy to user – I might not have bothered with Acrobat Reader if I’d known about this earlier. Reads XPS too, if you need that…

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts by Roonga

via the Store – this little app gives a screenful of shortcuts – while its not interactive, it could be a useful allowed app for corporate clients in include in their Windows 8 rollouts to help end users.

Storage Spaces

Via the Control Panel – by Microsoft

For the last couple of PCs I have set up RAID arrays (two drives, seen as one, your data duplicates on to both automatically) which has involved BIOS set ups, loading drivers and then a windows setup. Not hard to do, but outside a typical users range.

With Storage Spaces an end user with a second hard drive installed can set up a RAID like Mirror, from within Windows.

For SOHO type users this is a powerful feature.  SOHO type users should also look at the File History feature in Windows as well.