Creating your Own Content- moving beyond consuming…

A topic guaranteed to get me on my soapbox is encouraging people, especially young people to develop their own content, to move beyond consuming to creation. There are low cost and no cost tools for use in creating content in any sphere.

So I start up the Boxee box this morning to listen in on some Ted talks, and I find this talk: Mitch Resnick: Let’s teach kids to code.  I commend this talk to teachers and parents, and please also watch the Knowhow episode below on a related theme, creating Podcasts. I have also included some links to free and open source tools below.

Mentioned in the Ted Talk – want to try Scratch?

If you are more ambitious in coding or web app directions,  Microsoft provide a mixture of free tools and open source tools:

Then I found an episode of the TWIT show Knowhow which runs through how to create and Podcast and what tools to use. You can read the Supporting Transcript which includes links to tools  mentioned in the show.

I’ll add another suggestion to those from Leo and Iyaz – for Windows users – Movie Maker is still free and will save in MPEG4/H264 to suit  viewing on multiple platforms. Movie Maker includes tools to publish to YouTub, Vimeo and others. Other video editing tools are more sophisticated, but Movie Maker will trim  and do the basics! It is part of Windows Essentials 2012 – you can select just the components that you need.

Your feedback welcome

Steven Knight