Windows 8 Better impressions

One of the roles of this blog is for me to share what I have learned (and to write it down so I remember!)

I have been watching the Windows 8 Jump Start series at the Microsoft web site

Learned a few things that in combination to a few days practical exposure to Windows 8 have substantially improved my impressions of Windows 8 on the desktop, including:

  • To Search, Windows key and type part or all the name of the application or file you are looking for – it works as advertised and is a feature will appeal to end users
  • Rename and rearrange the groups on the Start screen (the interface previously known as Metro) – this is a feature I can see IT areas using to make directing users to apps easier
  • Windows Key + C to open the “Charms”
  • Windows key + X brings up a handy little system tools menu (I can see I am going to have to learn the proper names of these features!
  • Storage Spaces – gives users the ability to duplicate data from one drive to another – effectively a kind of easy RAID like tool for users
Also reading Windows 8 in Depth by Knittel and McFedries. Waiting for Paul Thurrott’s new book to come on to Safari Books Online.
More study on Widows 8 tomorrow – and then venturing into Office 365/Office 2013 and Captivate 6 and Acrobat XI from the Adobe world…