Virtual Machines are Fun!

Planning a major round of Study, Exploration and Evaluation – SharePoint/Designer and InfoPath/Captivate 6 and exploring Office 2013/Windows 8.

Upgraded to the new VMWare Workstation last week and today I have spent the day setting up a few virtual machines – its Spring after all!

Today, I have set up:

  • SharePoint 2010 Enterprise on Windows Server 8 (no Exchange)
  • Windows 8 and Office 2013 (Office 2013 looks good in Windows 8, clearly Windows 8 is the intended habitat for Office 2013)
  • Linux Mint (Adding Apache, PHP, MYSQL is still a work in progress)  – All to serve as a base for Moodle and Chamillo, so I can do my long delayed comparison article.

And I have finally mastered accessing web servers on the Virtual machines from other PCs on my network. Frustratingly simple now I have it straight.

I’d like to do SharePoint 2013 – but if the minimum specification is to be believed, I need more cores (4 for the the VM) and I only have three (I have been giving two cores and 4 GB of RAM to a virtual machine and keeping 1 core and 4 GB for the host). So I need to budget for a PC based on a 6 or  8 core processor.


Steven Knight – part trainer, part geek