SharePoint Q & A

A digest post addressing SharePoint 2010 questions

Does SharePoint index the content of ODT files?

For Enterprise and FAST search appears yes – see articles below:

For standard SharePoint search it appears not, see article below for setting it up:

How to Crawl Open Document Text (odt) files using SharePoint Server 2010?

When I have finished building my new SharePoint 2010 virtual machine I will test this and report back

Store Email in SharePoint

The following two articles explore the options with a focus on out of the box options

Third party solutions include OnePlaceMail, Colligo Contributor Add-In for Outlook and Macroview. I can’t vouch for any of these directly, I do know of a large organisation using OnePlaceMail…I’d suggest looking for trial versions and evaluating against your requirements, if the out of the box options don’t suit.

 More Information about using Content Types

The following are some articles on this topic from Microsoft:


Steven Knight