Inspired by Boxee and the Twit network

In the last week, I have moved from an old CRT style TV to a flat screen LED TV and a D-Link Boxee Box.

After years of listening to TWIT, Security Now and Windows Weekly as distant voices on my little iPod, I am seeing Leo, Steve Gibson, the Brick House and John Dvorak “in person” for the first time. In high-resolution, no less.


And there are other Tech pod casts, shows and resources as well.

If I don’t blow my bandwidth limit, I may never watch regular TV again….

Only real weakness of the Boxee system so far is that you can’t Netflix without a VPN client (there is a client in the box that I need to set up). But I can get ABC’s I-View and other equivalent services. So it will be about six months before I have exhausted the free services and get to rental movies.

And I am greatly inspired to create more video and audio content of my own.

more soon…