Not Happy! Microsoft Windows Phone and Office 365

I have a rule not to blog angry. It can give the wrong impression. I am for example preparing some really positive video tutorials covering useful things to do with SharePoint Online, Windows phone and OneNote 2010. Lots of good things to say which I will save for a later post.

Because I am grumpy now.

I recently updated my password for Office 365. Good practice – Yes. A Mistake – Yes

Spent the following ten days unable to send or receive email via my windows phone (well via windows live mail, I could – but not via my work email) Over the course of week followed the diagnostic steps provided by the Tsuite help desk several times (Office 365 is run by Telstra in Australia) I eventually booked in a Telstra “Tech bar” in the city and after some persistent and professional work over a couple of hours by the tech (Matt) I was up and running.

Because my windows phone gives me a great deal of useful functionality, I was severely hampered in my ability to do business tasks. For 10 days.

No offer of fee relief from the T-Suite help desk, just case closed.

I use and teach Microsoft products and increasingly rely on the cloud. Microsoft’s cloud.

If I did anything else for a living I’d be moving to one of the other viable cloud/phone/tablet combinations. I will persist with Microsoft way because its potential ability is increasingly becoming actual functionality.

For the moment…

And did I mention, that on my desktop PC IE 9 wouldn’t let me log in to my team site. It would redirect to my web site. Worked OK in FireFox and on IE9 on my laptop. But not on the desktop PC.

Solved it on Sunday night by copious resetting of defaults, adding all possible Office 365 domain names to my trusted sites.  If I may mirror the plaintive cry of many end users “it worked OK before”.

Update = this problem unsolved itself – using Firefox as much as I can, @#$%^!!!

While I will in another post say good things about Office 365. I am not sure it is ready for the consultant or professional without some IT troubleshooting skills of their own.

Lots of reviews and tips planned for the next few weeks.