SharePoint and E-Learning Integration

This post gives a couple of leads to answer a question that I have encountered on SharePoint and Captivate courses – Is there an LMS for SharePoint? I was aware there was a commercial solution, but not of options where the budget was more limited.

As I have been catching up on my LinkedIn Groups – an excellent resource which I have much neglected while working on exams, business building and my Trainer certification over the last few months – I followed some suggested links and found myself at CodePlex. I will do a separate post about CodePlex.

At Codeplex I found two potentially useful tools

  • SharePoint Learning Kit
  • SharePoint Web Parts for Moodle

SharePoint Learning Kit

A SCORM 2004 certified e-learning delivery and tracking application.

Works with:

  • WSS 3.0
  • SharePoint 2007
  • SharePoint 2010

Information on the site indicates that it:

  • Supports SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and Class Server content, allowing users to store and manage this content in SharePoint document libraries.
  • Supports learner-centric and instructor-led (assigned) workflows.
  • Allows assignment, tracking and grading of both e-learning and non-e-learning content.

 Resource Links for SharePoint Learning Kit

 SharePoint Web Parts for Moodle

Release notes show this is available for WSS 3 and SharePoint Server 2003/2007. – No sign of SharePoint 2010 support.

Information on site indicates features include:

  • Adds the Moodle Integration Solution (MIS) web parts so you can use core Moodle functionality from SharePoint
  • The Moodle Web Parts, and the Moodle Office integration package

Don’t forget Moodle can be installed on IIS via the Web Platform Installer

Resource Links for SharePoint web parts for Moodle

 Trying them out

As I write this I am on a wireless connection, not ideal for large downloads – so I will postpone trying these out for a week or so – I will report back when I have installed and test them.

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