Mail Merge dates in the wrong format


I am doing a mail merge in Word with data from an Excel spreadsheet. One of the merge fields displays a date from a column in the Excel data, but the date doesn’t display in the expected format. How do I change the date format?


  1. Open the Word Document
  2. Right click on the Date field
  3. Choose Toggle Field codes
  4. We are going to add a formatting string to force the formatting we need
  5. Formatting codes explained:
    • DD shows day as 05
    • DDD shows Tue
    • DDDD shows Tuesday
    • MMM shows abbreviated month name eg Dec
    • MMMM shows full month name eg December
    • YYYY – gives 2011
  6. Click in the field after the field name
  7. To get a result of  “01 Jun 2011” –  type a space and enter \@ “DD MMM YYYY” \*Mergeformat so that you see: { MERGEFIELD Std_In_Date \@ “DD MMM YYYY” \*Mergeformat }

Right click on the field and choose toggle field codes

Run your mail merge as per usual