Recording Assessment or Training Simulations on Word or PDF Forms with Adobe Captivate

Question: Can we record training simulations or assessments using Word or PDF based forms?


PDF Forms

With the PDF forms – Captivate in training or assessment mode added click boxes to the drop down lists, check boxes and text fields as I clicked on them (good).

With Drop down lists and check boxes – It expects the user to click on the exact option you clicked on when recording _ so you will need to make your test instructions clear.

The click boxes were smaller the actual objects – so you will need to resize them to cover the drop down list .

Captivate doesn’t add text entry boxes for the text fields (double checked this on the internet – this issue comes up in the discussion forums)– so when you are recording I’d suggest an extra press of Prt Scr to capture an extra fresh background that you can add a text entry box to later from within Captivate. Don’t type any text in with the PDF it will retain your text on the background for later steps.

Word Forms

With the Word forms, it did add text entry boxes OK and add the text you entered as a valid entry, but the text boxes were too small (almost a little vertical “I” shape) that needs to be selected and stretched out to cover the space required on the form.


So in both cases you will need to do some work in Captivate after recording.