Acrobat 9 and Office 2007/2010 Integration

During a recent on site Acrobat 9  course, I had a mixture of Office 2007 and Office 2010. The Office 2010 users either had no Adobe tab on the ribbon, or problems when they went to use it. The Office 2007 users were OK in this case, but have had problems before so I include some links here for their use.

For Ofice 2010 users, for the moment, you can create pdfs by the printing method, but you loose some of the nice integration benefits eg bookmarks created from Word heading styles.

For Office 2007 users and

For Office 2010

IT appears for the time being the integration between Acrobat and Office doesn’t work for Office 2010.

Extract below:-

“The Acrobat ribbons, also known as Acrobat PDFMaker, do not work with Office 2010 applications the same way they do with Office 2007. Customers using Acrobat 9.0 through 9.2 will see the Acrobat ribbon in Office 2010 applications; however, attempting to use PDFMaker functionality from the Acrobat ribbon can result in unexpected behavior. Customers who update to Acrobat 9.3 or later will not see the Acrobat 9 ribbon in Office 2010 applications.”

My Opinion follows…

The gist of the adobe article says this functionality will be fixed for Acrobat 10. However, given what I just spent upgrading my Adobe software and the big shift that is beginning to happen with corporate users moving  from Office 2003 to Office 2010, I feel a patch to Acrobat 9 would be more customer friendly!


28 November 2010

I’ve added an article on converting a Word 2007 document to PDF

Steven Knight
IT Trainer