How big can a PDF be? / How do I read an Article in a PDF?

Q1. How big can a PDF be?

A. I haven’t found a reference to a maximum size.  Your ability to generate a PDF may be limited by your system resources. You need to have sufficient:

  • RAM to allow the manipulation of a large file
  • Processing power to allow Acrobat to do its processing and other applications  – a tip from my own experience: on lower spec PCs (eg using Windows XP,  1 GB RAM) is to close any other applications to speed processing of large documents into PDF
  • Hard drive space for the operating system to use for memory management as data is moved in and out of memory as it is processed

I have found reports of PDFs being produced from 400MB up to 1.5 GB. For really large documents, that tax your system,  you could try converting it in sections and then combining into one PDF or using a portfolio.

Q2. How do I read an Article in a PDF?

A. There are three short step by step items on the Adobe site to help with Articles:

Steven Knight

IT Trainer