Page Breaks in an existing PDF

Q. System XYZ outputs reports as a PDF – but the page breaks are in awkward places – can we add a page break to the existing PDF?

A. No, ideally you insert the page breaks in the report before it prints. There is a work around. You could:

  1. Extract the page which you wish to split (leaving the original page in place ie extract but don’t delete)
  2. Insert the page after the original page in the PDF.
  3. Crop the unwanted content from the bottom of the original page and the top of the duplicate.

This will give you the content split at the required point. The snag with this is it doesn’t merge the short new page with the following page.

It might be worth reviewing the reporting manual of system XYZ to see if there is a way insert codes to force a page break before a new section or table. The PDF based on the report will reflect the page breaks of the report.

Steven Knight

IT Trainer