Good Computer Security Advice for the normal PC user

At the start of each of my application courses at a major metropolitan University, I have been asked to hand out some security “postcards” and briefly discuss anti spyware/malware security precautions. The institute wants to reduce the incidence of staff bring in problems from home to the work network. A real concern to IT departments in this age of highly mobile devices of increasing power and usefulness. The official discussion often leads to a few questions seeking explanation of the threats and what to do in response.

So I have been looking for a good Security primer on line for the general person, that I can refer people to.

While I listen regularly to Security Now, it is not aimed at the general user , it is more for the IT worker or enthusiast. On a recent episode Steve Gibson recommended a useful resource for the general PC user at I have explored it a little and can say its a very useful site for the non geek needing to know more about practical security.

The language is right for the intended audience, but still accurate.

The articles on the site  cover a range of  threats, privacy and security, scams and cons that you might encounter on-line.  There are also games and videos. I didn’t try these, but I can see a value in using interactive content to make younger users security aware.

This is an US Government site, but the language is clear, non technical English (with a Spanish option) and the issues are universal, so it is of use to PC and Mac users anywhere.

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