About Steven Knight

I am an experienced trainer who provides training services via training providers (and increasingly through other agencies and service providers who are looking to training as a service to provide their clients). I am available for individual courses, roll-outs, and projects.  If you need to see my availability for planning purposes, please email me for the current link!

I regularly travel to delivery training and have trained from Darwin to Perth. I am also available to conduct short sessions online via Skype for Business or other tools.

Through training and related support activities I aim to:

  • To provide a link between people and technology;
  • To enable staff and management to access the productivity benefits of software and systems;
  • To apply my skills and learning in innovative ways to solving problems and meeting needs.
  • To enable users to relate the features of a product to the context in which they will apply them

My focus at present is Office 365 Key User and End User training but I also assist clients in setting up SharePoint sites, lists and libraries. I train in SharePoint and Microsoft Office.

I use Office 365 and SharePoint Online in my own business and I see Office 365 as a logical path to SharePoint and an increasing range of useful tools for independent contractors and small business who cannot afford to run and support SharePoint “on premise”, but need team members to collaborate and share information.  Features like Teams and Planner will make an impact on how proposals and courses are prepared in my own field, removing double handling and duplicate copies of key files.

I also extensively use OneNote for research, information gathering and note taking. I increasingly use OneNote notebooks as resources during courses, replacing traditional handouts. Combined with Office 365, OneNote is a very flexible tool with the same content being accessible on your phone, tablet or PC. (If you don’t have OneDrive yet, ask me for my article on using OneNote without OneDrive)

I am also the Sergeant for the Rotary Club of Wellington Point in the Redlands. Avid consumer of Audio books and podcasts.


I am available for individual courses, roll-outs, and projects.

Due to Microsoft discontinuing the Public Site feature of Office 365, I will be using a different Office 365 tool for sharing my availability information with training providers and others. If you are a user of my schedule or you need to see my availability for planning purposes, please email me for the current link! Or check my email signature in a recent email. I have added the availability link to my signature block.

Current Activity



  • Running Office 365 for key end users on site
  • Short 90 minute sessions via GoToTraining
  • Experimental sessions using Skype for Business

Current Trends in what I do

Closed, custom, on site courses

  • Courses developed with prior liaison with client
  • Content adjusted to suit client objectives and factors affecting use of the particular tool in their environment


  • On site at schools, multiple short sessions
  • Increasing with roll out of Office 365
  • In business environment as a side topic in SharePoint courses

Excel Advanced

  • Very Table and Pivot Table heavy
  • With increasing interest in PowerPivot and Power BI features

Office 365 and SharePoint

  • Office 365 and SharePoint on premise. I use Office 365 in my own business as well as training in Office 365.
  • Focus among clients is
    • Reduce double handling
    • Single source of truth
    • Sharing information among teams with controlled access
    • Growing interest in entry level BI features at the Excel Chart in web page and Status list level


  • Outlook as time management tool


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Other Online Presences

Blog/Wiki: http://trainascope.com/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/stevenknighttng

LinkedIn: http://au.linkedin.com/pub/steven-knight/24/678/b76

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StevenKnightTraining

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