OneNote for Teachers

A very good short video showing practical examples of teachers and students using OneNote with the classroom add in  a school with Office 365. I think this has applications for business and IT training as well.


SharePoint Books for 2016 (and Office 365 somewhat)

Two books for SharePoint 2016. Basic concepts do also apply for sites, libraries and lists in Office 365 but visual appearance will differ.

SharePoint 2016 User’s Guide
Learning Microsoft’s Business Collaboration Platform
Authors: Smith, Tony

from Apress

Comments: This is a good reference for site owners and contributors, lots of detail

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Plain & Simple
By Johnathan Lightfoot, Michelle Lopez, Scott Metker
Part of the Plain & Simple series.

From Microsoft Press

Comment: This is a picture book for SharePoint, surprising amount of content


Moto G4 Plus and Office 365

Key points after two weeks experience, coming from old Windows Phone

  • phone will upgrade to Android 7 straight away
  • Works in with Office 365 perfectly, notifications available and pretty seamless. As good as Windows Phone or to be honest, better.
  • Android Phone gestures are different to Windows. have adjusted after a week…
  • Camera is amazing. Google Assistant in Photos is interesting!
  • With typical use for me – off during courses, battery life is into two days, more intensive use – at least  one full business day. Recharging is fast
  • As G5 and G5 Plus have come out, the G4 Plus is good value around $299  and less online


Moto G 4 Plus




My 2017/2018 Plan


Faced with a rapidly changing environment, I have made a plan. Boiled down to its essentials this is it: “Identify areas to focus on and focus like crazy.”

The results of the first take are below…

Working on a personal plan to go with this

Office 365

I have identified the following areas to build on for extending my Office 365 scope. My general theme is still end user oriented, no code solutions :

  • Power Apps and Flow
  • Power BI
  • IRM (Information Rights Management) and related features DLP, AIP
  • Staff Hub

Business and Skill development

  • Finish my online e-learning course i am “attending”- very useful – 50% of the way through
  • Reviving my sadly neglected YouTube channel
  • conducting short live, one topic events online

Things to Maintain and keep up to date

  • Office 2016 especially Excel and OneNote
  • Office 365 general skills

comments and suggestions welcome

Guides to switching to Office 365

Guides to switching to Office 365 via Kirsty McGrath on LinkedIn




Office 365 Periodic Table InfoGraphic via Matt Wade


To help explain what is in Office 365 and Groups, Matt Wade has prepared some excellent info-graphics – below are links to the articles themselves and then the two info-graphics.

Articles give details on crediting Matt as the source. Blog is worth a regular visit as well!

An everyday guide to Office 365 Groups

An everyday intro to Office 365



Office 365 Seminar and Webinar

End user adoption and engagement come up a lot on Office 365 courses (training key users and champions). It is a very relevant topic.

Two interesting and upcoming events, both of which clash with work for me….


3 Ways to Speed Office 365 Adoption – Webinar

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 | 9:30am IST | 12pm SGT | 2pm AEST


How to Create Sustainable User Engagement for Office 365 and SharePoint

by Sharing Minds & LiveTiles


  • Tue, May 16, 2017
  • 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM AEST


Microsoft Australia
400 George Street
Level 28
Brisbane City, QLD 4000



Office 365 Planner – Can I make a Template of a Plan?

Templates for Planner discussed on UserVoice forum
Templates for Planner discussed on UserVoice forum

On the question re Templates in Planner, this has come up in two Office 365 courses recently. And judging by the traffic at UserVoice, it is a popular request. I added a vote!

Road map showing Planner issues
Road map showing Planner issues

Second screen capture shows  templates topic  in the In Development section of the Office 365 Roadmap – along with assigning task to multiple users and external guest access to Planner, both of which I have been asked about elsewhere

So this isn’t an answer so much as a “stay tuned for further developments”.


Training Schedule and Availability for Steven Knight

Due to Microsoft discontinuing the Public Site feature of Office 365, I will be using a different Office 365 tool for sharing my availability information with training providers and others. If you are a user of my schedule, please email me for the current link! Or check my email signature in a recent email. I have added the availability link to my signature block.



Office 365 Bookings App – Lesson Two

Give me twelve minutes and we will explore Office 365 Bookings from the client perspective. See the emails the process generates. Continue reading “Office 365 Bookings App – Lesson Two”